Holster Ordering Steps and Process

Here at Werkz, we excel at providing custom holsters with short lead times.  We do not ship holsters immediately; your lead time is in your order, usually as part of the product description.  We provide the holsters for pistols and light/laser combinations that others simply will not.

Here is what to expect when you place an order with us.

Step Order Status What We're Doing What You Can Expect
Order Entry Processing

Once you place your order, it comes into our queue.  At this time, we briefly check the order, and it is placed in a "first in, first out" queue awaiting build. 

Once it is up next, we will configure your holster mold, mold it, and get it ready for the final polishing. 

Once polished, it is assembled and checked for proper retention. 

Afterward, it is packaged and made ready to ship.

When you order, we will email you an order confirmation.

We do not charge your card at time of ordering, so it is possible that any initial authorization on your card then comes off.  This is perfectly normal; we have not cancelled your order.  Within our stated short lead time, your order will be shipped.

Shipped Shipped

We will ship your package via the carrier you selected, at which time it will be labelled and placed for pickup. 

Note that USPS picks up almost every day at the shop, but UPS may not pick up daily, resulting in a short delay before UPS tracking reflects that the item is in their possession. 

Once shipped, our processing system will capture payment from your credit card.

We will email you a shipment confirmation at this time.  Afterward, please expect normal carrier times to your address.

At this time, your payment method will be charged.