Recommended Training, Belts, and Body Armor

Werkz Recommended Products and Services

Werkz LLC is associated with a number of wonderful people and businesses in the industry, and sometimes we are asked who we might recommend for various services or products.  Below, we list a few of them that we have personally used would recommend. 

Training: American Warrior Society

Over the years, we have trained with a variety of awesome instructors.  I understand that not everyone can take 3 days for a class or travel for training.  Over the years, I have watched Mike Seeklander on the television show he co-hosts, The Best Defense.  I have also personally attended his training.  Recently, I have joined his American Warrior Society, which provides a comprensive and growing set of videos focused on training.  From firearm use to fitness to warrior medical, the site provides quality training from great instructors.  It is a subscription-only service, but it is one that I feel is worth it.


A good belt is critical to carrying your pistol comfortably and securely.  Over the years, I have used a good strong leather belt, wilderness recovery style belts, and tactical belts with buckles.  By far my favorite are belts with the cobra buckle.  My current favorite belt is the 5.11 Maverick Assulter's Belt.  It has a few features that I appreciate.  First, the belt is 1.75" wide, which fits most pants & shorts, and it is stiff enough to hold up just about anything I have on it (including up to 2 rifle magazines, a pistol, and pistol mags), but doesn't dig into my side too much.  The hook & loop allows infinite adjustment, so I can easily change the length in tiny increments to suit what type of gear I'm running and how tight I want the belt to be.  The cobra buckle is secure and nearly indestructible, and it allows me to easily open my belt without having to unthread the belt from the buckle.  I find this very convenient.  Finally, I've never used the recovery loop, the spot that can be hooked through to recover a downed person, but it appears quite sturdy.  I've also used the Crosstac Belt, which has many of the same features.  One nice difference is that it has a slot for a Boker Credit Card Knife.  This belt is currently in use by my wife in her EMT activities.

Body Armor: CATI Armor

We currently own body armor from CATI Armor.  CATI is a company owned by a fellow patriot. Good quality products at a reasonable price owned by super nice Christian people.  Highly recommended.